Employee-centric hr: anders werken en leren

Onze meerwaarde voor de hr-sector? We bekijken leerprocessen door een designbril. We vertrekken vanuit de employee experience. Wat heeft jouw medewerker nodig en op welk moment? Wat zijn de strategische leerdoelen voor je bedrijf? Deze inzichten verwerken we in customized gamification tools zoals serious games. Ideaal om bijvoorbeeld een bedrijfseigen veiligheidsfilosofie te verankeren bij je medewerkers. Ook interne hr-communicatie en employer branding campagnes nemen we samen op.

Training & learning games

In partnership with Leuven-based strategic consultancy agency shiftN, we create fascinating learning experiences that go beyond classic training programmes.
Our serious games are entirely geared to the customer’s culture, language, learning needs and strategy.
Their goal? Generate change and raise awareness through gamification. Their main focus is self-motivation, self-evaluation and peer communication.
Our portfolio is extensive and includes a wide variety of themes: security, brand values, code of conduct, CSR, accountmanagement, numerical data, private equity, …
ArcelorMittal | Coming Back Home Safely

Coming Back Home Safely is a safety game that sensitises workers throughout the company to key safety requirements, with the ultimate aim to significantly reduce the number of serious accidents. The game follows a simple but clever concept that refreshes topical knowledge of practices and procedures. More sophisticated concepts such as ‘shared vigilance’ are addressed as well. Feedback has been integrated to help people reflect on their own safety-related behaviour.

Elia | Machiavelia
Belfius | Account Management Game

  • Target audience: account managers
  • The ‘game’ is tool to help AMs navigate ever-changing, complex and sometimes conflicting demands
  • Account management is framed as a process of multidimensional value creation within a non-negotiable time constraint
  • The game helps AMs to assess themselves vis-à-vis their peers and the requirements of company policy

EVCA Foundation | Private Equity Course for Non-Executive & Support Staff

The purpose of the course is to help support staff in private equity companies to develop a better understanding of the industry.
The course was developed as a full day simulation exercise. Supported by EVCA staff, teams work through all the stages of a fund raising and investment process, competing to offer their investors an optimal return.
Care was taken to model the logic of venture capital and private equity investments as closely as possible. The result is a fun and intense learning experience in which participants build a better understanding of the drivers behind the industry.

Volvo Cars | The Game of Values

  • Target audience: shopfloor workers
  • The ‘game’ is tool to support self guidance and team building
  • The game introduces a subtle language to embed corporate values in continuous process improvement
  • The design – as a construction set – connects to the workers’ life world

Umicore | The Umicore Way

The Umicore Way Game was developed to help employees worldwide internalise the company's code of conduct and its vision on sustainability and human rights policies.
It is a board game that can be played by teams with their supervisors. It is also very suitable to be integrated in a company introduction course for new employees.
At the heart of the learning game is a set of real-life dilemmas that provoke reflection and exchange between players against the background of the relevant policies.

Janssen Pharmaceutica | Communicating Numerical Data

Communicating Numerical Data is a 1,5-day course for scientists and senior scientists in pharmaceutical discovery and clinical research.
Effective visualisation of numerical data relies on the ability to think clearly and flexibly about data structures, on the awareness of the particular context in which the graph is produced and on the specific research question/message at hand.
This course offers a generic methodology to deal with a variety of scientific visualisation problems.
Participants generate their own dataset by means of a specially developed experimental toolkit. Based on these data, scientists are led to discover and apply the methodology.

Janssen Pharmaceutica | Smart Research Design

  • Target audience are senior Discovery scientists
  • The ‘game’ is a simulation of a typical Discovery research project, re-contextualised in a playful setting
  • Multidisciplinary teams develop and build an argumentation for a research strategy, balancing resources, resolving power and scope
  • Technical background – 7 principles of statistical thinking – is part of the session

Employer branding

  • Employee Journey mapping
  • Welcome packs
  • HR campaigns
  • Internal communication
  • Serious games: introduction training, brand values, code of conduct, …


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