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Complementary and a strong whole

Pars Pro Toto is a full-service design agency consisting of 14 experienced professionals. They are all part of a strong unit: Pars Pro Toto. We develop innovative products, services, brands and environments. We’ve been doing so for over a quarter century. What makes us so strong as a unit? Not numbers but cross-pollination. The strategic synergy. The know-how we have acquired in different sectors and inject into others, our disciplined approach, the inspiring connections with customers and in-depth consumer insights. And then there’s the fact that we ourselves have developed and launched our own trailblazing brand. That makes us polyglots. Our goal? Help you realise growth as a full-fledged part of your organisation.

Alicia Celerier

Sales manager Quut

Anton Carmen

Product designer

Arne De Schouwer

Graphic designer

Bruno Van Son

Managing partner

Cid Correwijn

Brand designer

Claudia Curtius

Product designer

Dimitri De Martelaere

Managing partner

Eva Van Emelen

Product designer

Gaetan Kerckhove

Product designer

Karen Vandenhende

Office manager

Marlies Verbeken

Graphic designer

Matthias De Smedt

Product designer

Simon Vandoorne

Product designer

Wim Van den Hende

Managing partner


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QUUT – Sustainable toys

Discover QUUT, our playground. And feel free to take that literally. This spin-off was primarily born from a shared lack of sustainable and aesthetic beach toys. Early 2013 we decided to take the bull by the horns. Enter QUUT, a brand conceived, designed, manufactured and marketed from A to Z by Pars Pro Toto. It was an educational process because for the first time we truly stepped into the customer’s shoes. Through trial and error we explored the entire value chain from within. Result: a product portfolio to be proud of and an added value for you as a customer because our knowledge and empathy help us make your brand stronger as well.



Pars Pro Toto and Leuven-based strategic consultancy agency shiftN go way back. Not surprising because we speak the same language: simplify what is complex.

ShiftN helps governments, entrepreneurs and other change makers tackle social and strategic challenges. These wizards in designing new models and future scenarios have been active for 20 years.

Serious games

Together shiftN and Pars Pro Toto came up with the award-winning Serious Games. These learning paths create fascinating learning experiences that go beyond classic training programmes. They are entirely geared to the customer’s culture, language, learning needs and strategy. Their goal? Generate change and raise awareness through gamification. Their main focus is self-motivation, self-evaluation and peer communication.

Sustainable Innovation System

Together with shiftN we are the architects of the Sustainable Innovation System (SIS). This user-friendly conceptual model offers a broad and transparent perspective on sustainability. The purpose of this tool? Integrate sustainability principles in every innovation or design process, whether for products, services or service concepts, business models or architecture.

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Is your business at a tipping point?

Are you looking for a tool to define your sustainability strategy in a transparent way? As developers we are the ideal partner to coach you through every level of this process: from concept formation, elaboration, prototyping and realisation to services and marketing.