25 years of helping businesses grow through innovation

You want to launch a new product, rebrand or take your customer experience to the next level? Or how we see it: you want to get ahead of the game. Not just once but systematically, in the long run. This means you’re talking about a complete story from a to z where every component helps to make the whole stronger. That is the literal meaning of Pars Pro Toto: part of the whole.

For 25 years this holistic approach has resulted in innovation: a delicate balance between product, brand, service and strategic choices. This is the only way to create a sustainable competitive advantage. It’s not about gaining an advantage. This is how you take the lead.


Innovation consultancy

Growth at all levels

There’s more to innovation than developing new products. Are you looking to build a sustainable competitive lead over the competition? Then innovate on multiple levels. This is not just about the ‘how’ but also the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your innovation. Extend your policy of strategic innovation to your business model, your brand, your services, your management, your distribution strategy, … Only then will you be able to achieve growth and make a difference that can’t be copied.
Pars Pro Toto has tons of experience with this holistic approach but more than anything else it’s a matter of both the head and the heart.

» Businessmodel design
» Designmanagement
» Substainability

» Servitization
» Productization

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Active in twelve sectors

We innovate in a variety of sectors. How do you benefit? The know-how we acquire in industry, for instance, can strengthen the healthcare sector and vice versa. This multidisciplinary approach and cross-pollination results in strategic innovation. And in an unprecedented lead for you.

Meet our team of 18 innovation consultants and designers.

Every single one an expert looking to help you establish that lead. And consolidate it.