Transforms surgical oncology

What we did
  • Analysis: human factors, technology & components
  • Conceptual design; explorative sketches, design language & styling
  • Detailed product design; engineering & prototyping
  • Collaboration with supplier
  • UX/ UI optimization
  • Brand identity
The project

With the AURA 10 PET-CT imager, Xeos transforms the mobile radiography of tissue, enabling the surgeon to perform surgery with greater clarity.

Aurora 10 brings greater precision to the operating room by integrating PET molecular imaging and 3D tomography in a compact and ergonomic trolley system.

This gives the surgeon all the imaging capabilities needed to map the target tissue in a single procedure and just minutes after the excision. In this way the patient can be sewn up with more confidence and the chance of a new operation is reduced.

Ultimately, it will be the patients who will benefit from this.

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