Architecture & building

From brick to robust product

In our capacity as service designers we often have a seat at the architect’s design table. Our expertise as strategic innovation specialists also comes in handy in this sector. From feasibility studies to proprietary interior design projects, interactive spaces, UX-UI, branding and wayfinding.
Communication design

- Exhibition spaces
- Flagship stores
- Experience centers
- Guided tours
- Exhibition stands
- Interior design and landmarks

Wayfinding design

- Spatial planning
- User centered wayfinding design
- Graphical information design
- Signage

Service design

Architecture and layout are instrumental to an efficient use of space and an optimum user experience. Prior to the design of infrastructure one must question its use. We look through the eyes of the user and adjust new spatial concepts accordingly.

Feasability studies

– Develop scenarios for visitor centres (creative, content, design)
– Feasibility studies (practical, technical, financial aspects)

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