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Innovation is based on your product, brand, service and business model

All these different aspects are interconnected. That is Pars Pro Toto because that is the only way to make the whole stronger. In concrete terms? It’s the combination of our creativity, rationality and empathy that lets your brand or product stand out from the competition. We test the feasibility and relevance of new solutions without losing sight of the user context. We call it design thinking. A delicate balance, and the recurring theme in our discussions. Apply this principle to your product, service and brand to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Four expertise agencies under a single roof

As a full-service design agency, Pars Pro Toto offers the combination of four expertise agencies under a single roof. The triple combo of Product, Brand and Service design plus Innovation consultancy. The latter is the foundation to get to the core of your business model. Finding the answer to the ‘what’ and ‘why’ question of your innovation gives you a rock-solid framework to motivate every choice you make. Or decide not to make. These choices constitute the outline and the rules of the innovation game.

What does your advantage over the competition look like?

At Pars Pro Toto your innovation is shaped on the basis of a synergy of inventive angles, ideas, methods and production techniques from a variety of sectors. This is an incredible advantage. As a one-stop shop we tackle the process in its entirety: from concept to production and all strategic steps in between. Open-minded. Find yourself carried on the strong shoulders of a 16-strong team of innovation consultants and designers. That is our guarantee to help you rise above the competition.

25 years of professional experience

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Innovation consultancy

Growth at all levels

There’s more to innovation than developing new products. Are you looking to build a sustainable competitive lead over the competition? Then innovate on multiple levels. This is not just about the ‘how’ but also the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your innovation. Extend your policy of strategic innovation to your business model, brand, services, management, distribution strategy, … Only then will you be able to achieve growth and make a difference that can’t be copied. Pars Pro Toto has tons of experience with this holistic approach but more than anything else it’s a matter of both the head and the heart.

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Active in twelve sectors

We innovate in a variety of sectors. How do you benefit? The know-how we acquire in industry, for instance, can strengthen the healthcare sector and vice versa. This multidisciplinary approach and cross-pollination results in strategic innovation. And in an unprecedented lead for you.