Design for Sustainability

Repairing the future

The future is circular. Everything we do and have done for the past 25 years is tested against this principle. How can we use our resources more intelligently? But also: what are the social aspects of sustainability? We have co-created a number of eco and sustainability tools that are valued by other developers, at home and abroad, but also by business leaders who are receptive to a sustainable policy. Do we use them ourselves? Naturally. We are experts in sustainability on many levels, in the development of sustainable products and in communication on sustainability.
Recycling Equipment

In and outdoor units are used to collect batteries, small electric appliances and fluorescent lamps:

- Analysis
- Design strategy
- Concept
- Elaboration and engineering
- Production

Recycling communication

- B2B and B2C communication tools
- Infographics, print, video, …
- Exhibition stands
- Interactive visitor centre

Tools for Sustainability

- Develop sustainability tools (generic and custom-made)
- In-company training
- Open training courses

Service design for Sustainability

- Life cycle sustainability analysis (sourcing - end of life)
- Sustainability analysis 5 capitals model (natural, social, financial, intellectual, human capital)
- Ideation workshops
- Strategic framing
- Oversee innovation projects

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