Collection units and Villa Pila

Environmental organisation Bebat reinvents itself thanks to innovative product design of collection points. The strength of this product? Recognisability. The result of clever rebranding.
Our mission
  • Product design: conceive recognisable, user-friendly and efficient collection boxes
  • Branding: from brand awareness to brand experience
The project

Bebat collects, sorts and recycles all batteries in Belgium using striking collection boxes for different locations (retailers, schools and governments, outdoor container parks). Over the years Bebat and Pars Pro Toto have teamed up on a variety of projects, both in terms of product and brand design. The result of this successful collaboration? The effective translation of the brand values and boosting brand awareness.

Recognisable collection points

Pars Pro Toto developed and set up all collection points. We were also tasked with the accurate translation of the brand values and boosting brand awareness. We monitored the process from start to finish. From benchmarking, 3D modelling/prototyping and engineering to the design of pictograms and, eventually, mass production. The biggest asset of this project? The reinforcing effect of a match between product design and brand design.

Villa Pila: from brand awareness to brand experience

Villa Pila offers an interactive visitor tour for elementary school children (years 3-6) that introduces them to the world of batteries in a creative manner. Pars Pro Toto developed the tour: from concept to execution, communication and website included.
It’s an inspiring brand environment that makes an impact on visitors. “An example of efficient business communication”, according to the many companies that visit the Villa.

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