Collection system & units

Bebat is innovating with a modified collection system for batteries with new collection units and recipients. A big leap forward as for security and convenience.
Our mission
  • Service design: optimization of the entire collection flow, from collecting to sorting the battery.
  • Product design: design and production of new/modified recipients and collection units.
  • Brand design: developing graphics for the units / organizing photoshoots / creating an image database / designing manuals.
The project

Bebat collects batteries at nearly 24,000 collection points in Belgium. By definition,all sorts of batteries come together in these collection points: a mix of used, misused and damaged batteries …
In this battery mix more and more risks occur, that today are more significant than a couple years back.

Therefore, Bebat invests in new and more safe recipients fitted with an active IOT-controlled monitoring system.
This is complemented by a gas management and filtering system, to ensure maximum protection from these risks.

The entire flow, starting from the consumer’s home to the sorted fraction, has been profoundly reformed. This has resulted in an ecosystem of user-friendly and safe recipients that will be rolled out in the course of 2021, over all locations.

Recognizable collection points

The Bebat collection points are divided over different channels:  Retail, Schools, Waste Recycling Centers and Companies.

Every channel has its own limitations and potential risks. Starting from thorough risk analyses we have developed, together with the Bebat team, appropriate  tools and procedures that have undergone extensive testing.

At the heart of the solution is the switch from the well-know green plastic HDPE Bebat barrels to steel barrels. This may seem obvious, but it turns the entire collection process upside down.

Depending on the channel: Retail, Schools or Waste Recycling Centers the barrel is equipped with an adapted safety lid. These lids represent the synthesis of our research process and they join a number of functionalities in an overall solution:

  • Smooth battery transit from the collection units to the fire-resistant barrel
  • Mechanical shut-off valves that operate as flame extinguishers and cut off oxygen from incipient fires (an essential element to prevent serious incidents from happening).
  • A custom-designed IOT-solution for:
      • Monitoring the degree of filling ensures optimized logistics
      • Incident detection in an early stage thanks to temperature monitoring
      • Location determination of all recipients

Upon collecting the fully-filled collection barrels , the active telemetric lid is replaced by a custom transport lid, with a pressurization system and flame-retardant filter.

Many iterations have led to a particularly simple solution for which a patent application is pending.

This is how we bring forth a significant increase in safety throughout the entire flow of battery collection.

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