Design for Society

The future will be better than the present

Innovation is just as essential in the non-profit and public sectors - think of governments, healthcare and tourism. The red thread? Human-centred design. Or: Discover, Develop and Deploy. First we acquire insight into the different stakeholders through participatory processes: citizens, employees, visitors, patients or vulnerable target groups. Based on this input we develop new solutions and subsequently test their feasibility with only one purpose: creating a better world for everyone.
Design for Public services

How can you become more customer-oriented as a government? How can you reach people more effectively? And how can you adapt the organisation of your service accordingly? We develop tools in a participatory manner to make your organisation culture more customer-friendly. In concrete terms? We get cracking with personas, customer journey mapping, service blueprints and more.

Design for Public space

Public space, architecture and layout are instrumental to an efficient public service and an optimum user experience. Prior to an infrastructure project the service itself must be questioned. We look through the eyes of your users and adjust the new spatial concept accordingly.

Design for Social Impact

What do people need to make their lives better?That is the starting point for any innovation process. In the case of social innovation we take things one step further. This is where we delve into how we can improve things for the most vulnerable in our society.
Our solutions are the result of participatory processes involving different stakeholders.

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