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Niko, market leader in switches and home automation, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. 100 years of innovation in a logo & expo: elementary but always 100% high-tech. Entirely Niko.
Our mission
  • Creation of a logo that projects 100 years of innovation
  • Branding festive year ‘100 years of Niko’.
  • Scenography innovative expo at Niko’s head office
The project

On 1 April 2019, Belgian company Niko, the market leader in switches and home automation, celebrated its 100th anniversary. A century’s worth of innovation and envisioning the future. From the first porcelain switches to the smart open system that Niko Home Control is today.
One hundred years: a milestone that invites both celebration and reflection. Pars Pro Toto was responsible for the visibility and branding of Niko’s festive year.

100 years of fantastic switching material in a logo that lights up

We went in search of a logo that perfectly reflects Niko’s identity because 100 years of success deserve a logo that stands out and lights up. That is why we opted for a holographic element. The luminous effect amazes onlookers and adds a festive touch but the result is nevertheless hi-tech. It may look simple at first glance but it’s not that easy to execute. Niko to a tee.

Branding anniversary year

The logo was the starting point for the branding of the anniversary year. The cover of the book ‘100 years of Niko’ was one of the key projects we took charge of.

Scenography 100 years of Niko: surprise and confront through an innovative expo

The interactive exhibition looks back on 100 years of history while also looking ahead to the future. To visualise this, we went to work with mirrors as they symbolise reflection about the past, present and future.

Our scenography is mainly aimed at the surprise effect, confrontation and ease of use.

  • Surprise

The mirrors stimulate curiosity but don’t give up their secrets until the visitor is ready. Moreover, you can personally decide which aspect to highlight.

For instance, mirrors only become see-through at the visitor’s request. The activated module reveals a time capsule with Niko’s highlights in the spirit of that specific era.

  • Confrontation

100 years of Niko… a milestone in the company’s history. The perfect moment to look deep into the mirror.

When visitors look into the mirror they literally become a part of the whole. Moreover, the installation invites the visitor to think about the future of living and working. Because as Niko themselves see it: ‘The best is yet to come.’

  • Ease of use

The mirrors couldn’t get in the way of employees. The mirroring modules integrate seamlessly in the company building when the exhibition is not active.

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