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EVOLVE 4EL23 motor
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What we did
  • Design language
  • Styling
  • Conceptual design
  • VR prototyping
  • Detailed design
  • Prototype production
  • Product branding
  • Design Fest Gent partnership
  • Event branding
The project

With the unique EVOLVE engines ABC wants to help its business partners on their way to zero-emission. These multi-fuel engines offer the best efficiency for any fuel type. The first engine in the range is a compact but very powerful medium-speed 4-cylinder engine: the EVOLVE 4EL23.

With EVOLVE ABC makes conversion to new fuel types possible with exactly the same engine and at low cost. It is perfectly possible to use the same, sustainable EVOLVE engine also with other fuels such as hydrogen, methanol, etc.
This allows the customer to invest safely, smartly and in a future-proof manner, regardless of what the future (available) fuel or (regional) regulations may be.

Together with Anglo Belgian Corporation we developed the engine shell that gives the 4EL23 a sleek and modern look. For ABC, design is an integral part of functionality. The engine shell protects both engine and operator from damage or injury. It reduces heat, noise, and vibrations. In addition, the casing can be removed without tools and the engine status can be easily observed by means of a changing LED light on the turbo.

ABC unveils the 4EL23, first future proof engine of the EVOLVE range at Europort

ABC europort

Innovative EVOLVE 4EL23 engine
eye-catcher at Design Fest Ghent

By focusing on sustainability in all its facets, Design Fest not only wants to inspire the visitors and residents of Ghent but also challenge them and encourage dialogue. The festival encourages creativity and will become a matchmaker for new collaborations between designers, knowledge institutions, organizations and the industry.

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