Intelligence for cranes

What we did
  • Conceptual design; explorative sketches, design language & styling
  • Detailed product design; engineering & prototyping
  • Collaboration with supplier
  • Product renders
  • Rebranding
  • Infographic animations
  • Website design + animated scroll
The project

Incosa solutions is a leading technology supplier to the overhead crane market for electronic controls. With the launch of the i-C4C they’re expanding their capabilities beyond basic load limiting with wireless summing, wireless load indication and much more. Incosa developed this controller especially for crane applications together with Pars Pro Toto and is continuously improving it by adding new features, taking into account the feedback of the market. As well as load systems they’re a distributor of industrial radio controls. With 20+ years’ experience in the market they stride to expand their knowledge and controls integration to provide customers with real solutions, consistently looking at new ways to provide customers with solutions that they need for safety and control systems.

Product renders


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