Pet products developer from the very beginning

When pets and their owners are the end-users of your products, proper empathy is an important factor for good design.
What we did
  • Market Research
  • Usability / UX User eXperience
  • Design Language
  • Styling
  • Plastics Engineering
  • Production files for Plastics injection
The project

Having a pet at home is an added value, and if you don't have one, a good benchmark is a design step that should not be skipped.

Of course, it also helps to have been working for the same market for years, which is the case for our regular design work for Moderna Products, Pet products developer from the very beginning.

Our responsibility:

In a highly competitive market with many suppliers, it is important to make your product wanted by Moderna’s customers (i.e. the chain shops) as well as by the end consumer, who must make the final purchase.

The responsibility that we of Pars Pro Toto have to take is twofold:

  • we ensure that the plastic parts are nested economically, so that a minimum of space is taken up during transport. This benefits the set price, which makes the retailer happy, as it allows him to keep a nicer margin per product
  • we also make sure that the design of the pet products is widely liked by the target audience, by means of a distinctive design, and by making the use of the product as convenient as possible.

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