Moments Furniture


Comfortable and ergonomic interior design concepts for the healthcare sector, developed with care thanks to the right strategic, technical and design choices.
Our mission
  • Develop specialist furniture for care facilities
  • Develop a design for disassembly
The project

Moments Furniture develops and manufactures specialist furniture for care facilities. For over 15 years, Pars Pro Toto has been their loyal development partner for the more complex product range. And the partnership pays off: two designs - the INO and the FLIP folding chair - have been awarded the prestigious Design x50 label. The secret to our success? Our close collaboration enables us to make the right strategic, technical and design choices.

Healthcare furniture for life

INO, the new relax/lounge chair, is designed to last a lifetime. It combines ‘HOME’ with ‘CARE’. The result? Furniture that doesn’t look like healthcare furniture. The chair was designed and manufactured according to the principle of ‘design for disassembly’. This means that all components can be replaced and reused individually. The result is a fully recyclable lounge chair.

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