Lightweight luggage series Samsonite Litesphere - winner Red Dot Award - combines trailblazing product design with a luxurious execution for high-end travelling.
Our mission
  • Product design: we determine the design DNA, the concept and the design fix.
  • Follow-up manufacturing process: we watch over our design/concept throughout the prototyping process right down to the first production run.
The project

For many years, Pars Pro Toto has been Samsonite’s regular external product design partner. It’s a partnership that has resulted in award-winning collections. The secret to this success? A productive collaboration with marketing and sales. They compile the initial briefing setting targets that are monitored throughout the project.

Travelling in style

With Litesphere we have created a range of luxurious hardside and softside luggage. Litesphere is a hybrid suitcase because it uses a material mix of hard and soft components.

The result? Lightweight luggage that is not only strong and hard-wearing but very aerodynamic to boot. All components have been designed to flow into each other in such a way that there are hardly any protruding components.

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