Baby Phones

The smart baby monitor Tattou - winner of the Red Dot Award - connects babies with their parents and strategic design with branding.
Our mission
  • Strategy
  • Positioning
  • Image design
  • Product development
The project

The Belgian company Jollymex, renowned for its Nattou cuddly toys, asked us to develop a new brand. Pars Pro Toto worked closely with the customer and put the new Tattou brand in the market, from A to Z. The project was a success and the Red Dot Award was the icing on the cake.

Connected with your child via smartphone, wherever you are

Following in-depth analysis and extensive research we decided to develop three baby monitors: Tio, Vio and Pio. They make up a separate family in the world of baby monitors. Each has its own specific equipment geared to the needs of different types of parents. They all share limitless reachability and they are connected with your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi or even radiation-free via ethernet. Biggest asset? Baby and parents are connected 24/7.

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