AB InBev

Stella Artois Visit

How to match brand experience and beer without getting drunk? By staying true to your brand values and integrating them into a sensory experience route.
Our mission
  • Service design
  • Brand experience through the creation of a multimedia visitor route for Stella Artois
  • Developing brand values and a brand strategy for Leffe
The project

Pars Pro Toto and AB InBev toast to more than a decade of constructive collaboration. A partnership that has produced numerous successful projects. What is our common ground? The choice to develop and manufacture high-quality brand environments and brand products.

Brand experience Stella Artois with a multimedia visitor route

Pars Pro Toto started from an in-depth analysis. The original site at the brewery in Leuven was given a full makeover: a professional step up in terms of content, atmosphere, interior design and overall brand experience. The result surpassed the original assignment. Stella Artois Visit is a sensory and multimedia immersion in the beer universe. Visitors return home fully saturated with brew – uhm, knowledge. More even, they are fans of Stella Artois and they’re vocal about it.

Online and offline brand experience with Maison Leffe

In the case of Maison Leffe Pars Pro Toto took care of every single aspect. From the translation of the brand values and strategy, the concept in terms of design and content and the design as a whole, right down to the realisation. The result? A multi-sensory experience centre that is available both off and online. Social media applications reinforce the brand impact here as well.

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