AeroMoov en AeroSleep

Travel bed & Sleep Safe

For many years now, the collaboration between Pars Pro Toto and sister companies AeroMoov and AeroSleep has produced innovative product concepts for babies. Sleeping and travelling have never been safer.
Our mission
  • Product design: ultra-safe sleep and travel products for babies
  • Brand creation and communication strategy
The project

For years Pars Pro Toto has been working alongside AeroMoov and AeroSleep in creating an innovative product range for the littlest ones. From baby mattress to travel cot, quality and safety are always central. As parents ourselves, we demand top performance from our products. We subject them to scientific tests and are always looking for new technologies. Our goal? Market even smarter products.
Pars Pro Toto is responsible for the entire process: from product and packaging to communication, brand design, etc.

AeroMoov: travelling safely with your baby

Travelling with a baby, is that even an option? Yes, because that is the promise of the ultra-safe and user-friendly applications we developed in tandem with AeroMoov. Pop. Play. Sleep. The travel cot sets up and folds away in just a few seconds! It is super light and you can take it anywhere. What’s more, it meets the strictest safety standards.

AeroSleep: let your baby sleep safely

Pars Pro Toto develops the technical ‘sleep safe’ products for AeroSleep. From a baby mattress to an air layer for your car seat. The materialisation and finishing details project an image of quality and a considerable cuddly factor (without surrendering the overall image of safety). The patented ventilated textile fabric is always the starting point. Based on this basic material we constantly conceive and develop new products. And quite successfully too: in 2020 the Evolution Premium Pack won the Baby Innovation Consumer Award.

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