From a brilliant idea to strategic product design. The collaboration between Pars Pro Toto and Dorsoo meant a revolution in terms of sleep innovation for people with back issues. A Dorsoo bed adapts to your body and not the other way around.
Our mission
  • Product innovation: creation of a moving slatted frame and mattress
  • Branding: from consumer research to brand communication
  • Service design
The project

In 2000 Pars Pro Toto contributed to the conception of the Dorsoo bed. At the time Dorsoo was still a start-up with a brilliant idea. Meanwhile the brand has established a reputation as a sleep retailer with nine showrooms and 20,000 satisfied sleepers.

From sleep innovation to sleep revolution

Why is Dorsoo the best option for people with back issues? Because this dynamic bed continually adapts to your sleeping position thanks to the moving slatted frame and the specially developed mattress. The bed adapts to your body instead of the other way around. A revolution in the sleeping world.

Transparent brand communication

A customer journey analysis and a high-quality customer survey revealed the strong and weak points of Dorsoo’s brand communication.

One of the key conclusions was the fact that the USP was too technical and complex. We used new audiovisual material to convey the message in a simple and transparent manner.

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