Customized speech technology

When speech is no longer possible, a combination of excellent engineering skills and strategic design offers the ideal solution. The result: advanced speech technology custom-tailored to the target group.
What we did
  • Product design Jabbla Vibe and Tellus III
  • Strategic design: research into the life-world of the users
The project

Jabbla specialises in support tools for speech technology. They develop and manufacture devices that literally give people with speech disorders a voice.
This is not a mass product. Every series is a limited edition. The production technique is reevaluated per individual product as a function of the available budget and the proposed sales price.

Speech computer Jabbla Vibe

The Jabbla Vibe is a communication aid for a growing group of mobile youngsters with speech disorders. The design was preceded by extensive research. What are the users’ primary needs? What does their life-world look like? Jabbla and Pars Pro Toto pooled their resources to come up with a design that meets these needs.

These are the main characteristics of the Jabbla Vibe:

  • Mobile and wearable

Jabbla is a highly mobile and wearable communication tool: it is light and comes in a practical format (with a 10” touch screen).

  • Unique thanks to the screen at the front and the back

This mainly brings added value to the mutual communication. Why?

Because bystanders can read along at the same time and anticipate the message which, in turn, is simultaneously transposed into speech.

Because it promotes eye contact with friends, family and carers.

  • Sober design

Jabbla Vibe can easily compete with standard consumer products. The fact that it’s visually unobtrusive removes the stigmatising factor.

  • Built-in camera

Thanks to the built-in camera Vibe users can capture and share special moments.

  • Sustainable

The product was designed to last for years. In the event of technical malfunction the Vibe is easy to repair.

Serviceability was a key consideration in the development phase because the purchase value is high due to the modest production volumes. The additional protective cover plays a key role in this regard, as does the high-quality and scratch-proof plastic.

The manufacturing process of the components already includes 10% of recyclate. Defective components are easy to replace individually.

Tellus series

Tellus 6 is the high-end high performance communication tool of choice for people with severe speech disorders. Jabbla provided the speech software, Pars Pro Toto provided custom housing and engineering based on a fully custom architecture. Optimal sound design, maximum autonomy in a very robust housing with top quality finish.

Allora series

The Allora series uses a rubber keyboard as input to provide the specific user with the best possible input. This, in combination with a large screen at the front and a 2nd display at the back, ensures optimal communication with family and friends.

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