Our venture

A match between sustainable toys and design. Conceived, designed, manufactured and marketed from A to Z by Pars Pro Toto.

Quality toys, Quality time!

Our mission
  • Conceive, design and manufacture sustainable and beautiful toys
  • Branding Quut (pronounce ‘cute’)
The project

What do we do at Pars Pro Toto when we come across a product we feel isn’t up to par? We make it better. Toys, for example. We noticed that our children’s toys were of poor quality: made of plastic, with a short life and most of all: ugly. We longed for durable, ergonomic and multifunctional toys.
Timeless but not colourless. Toys you can become emotionally attached to because they last a long time and tickle your fantasy, all year long.

Sustainable toys and fun design

We gave old-school beach and bath toys – watering can, bucket, shovel, … – a clever, sustainable and ergonomic makeover. The result? Toys that stimulate creative playing fun without screens or other virtual nonsense. Beach toys that are also fun in winter and in the bath. What’s more, they contain no BPA, latex or phthalates and are 100% recyclable.

Quut: a strong brand at home and abroad

Pars Pro Toto created the Quut brand to remedy the lack of sustainable and creative toys. Pars Pro Toto conceived, designed and manufactured the toy range from A to Z and obviously put it in the market as well. Our communication tools are entirely geared to the foreign market. Meanwhile Quut is distributed in over 40 countries and has won multiple national and international design awards.

The product range grows every year and we continue to reinvent the classics. We strive for better ergonomics, durability and iconic design.

Interested in working with us?

There’s always room for improvement. Do you agree? Discover our approach here.