Vandersanden Group

New brand identity

Brick manufacturer Vandersanden Group has been a household name for many years. Pars Pro Toto reinforced Vandersanden’s brand identity by consistently translating the key values of innovation, sustainability and collaboration to all communication tools and carriers.
Our mission
  • Branding
  • Creation new brand identity
  • Development of a coherent brand presence
  • Design of a variety of communication tools
  • Service design
The project

Brick manufacturer Vandersanden Group has enjoyed substantial growth in recent years thanks to innovative product development, the expansion of their customer portfolio and targeted takeovers.
In recent years Pars Pro Toto has been one of the driving forces behind their success.

From solid brick to innovative communication tools

Starting from the new brand identity, Pars Pro Toto designs the chief communication tools for the Vandersanden Group and the company’s six product brands. An overview:

  • commercial and technical brochures
  • inspiration and information tools for professionals
  • product and sample packaging
  • website
  • B2B and B2C advertisements
  • exhibition stands

Coherent brand presence

Pars Pro Toto takes care of the overall picture:

  • Visual recognisability: Each brand has its own brand identity but the Vandersanden Group still provides the overarching identity, also from a visual point of view.
  • Geared to different target groups: The campaigns in recent years were aimed at different target groups (internal and external). To reach those groups we used different media and different brand expressions.
  • Style manual: We developed a visual language with style guidelines for pictures and video material.
  • Analogue and digital applications

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