Expandable smart suitcase

The very first expandable smart suitcase is a typical Pars Pro Toto product. Why? Because one iconic product symbolises the company as a whole.
Our mission
  • Product design: designing an expandable smart suitcase
  • Brand design: putting Xtend® into the market. Creation of communication tools
The project

How to pack strategic innovation into a suitcase? By putting our heads together and taking things way beyond the original concept. Quintessential Pars Pro Toto. The Xtend® - or the first expandable smart suitcase - is a fine example. Why? Because Pars Pro Toto guided the project from its early beginnings to way beyond the launch. From product design to branding. And also because one iconic product symbolises the company as a whole

From budding idea to strategic innovation

How it began? Two globetrotters/entrepreneurs contacted us with their product idea: the perfect business suitcase that adapts to any situation. Together we came up with a concept that went way beyond what was originally intended. It is this creative synergy that results in strategic innovation.

Revolutionary trend in connected luggage

The result of this cross-pollination? Xtend®: an ergonomic, practical, elegant and digital suitcase. A new trend in connected luggage was born. Every detail is designed to make the life of the traveller easier.

The concept was an instant hit. Originally a Kickstarter project, Xtend® led to the establishment of the company Kabuto. The rest, as they say, is history. Meanwhile they’ve launched one success product after another and they can’t stop winning awards.

Xtend®: TSA approved fingerprint lock, 50% more volume behind the zipper and - sshhh - quiet as a mouse

What sets Xtend® apart?

  • Lock and unlock it with your finger. No key, no code, no apps! You just need your finger, as simple as that! Xtend® can memorise up to ten different sets of fingerprints.
  • Xtend® can be used both as carry-on (55 cm) and checked baggage (75 cm). Adjust the size of your suitcase based on the contents and your mode of transportation thanks to the unique vertical extension system.
  • Xtend® has rubber tires for a whisper-quiet ride on any surface. Thanks to the double ball bearings noisy wheels are a thing of the past.

A brand is about so much more than its products.

Designing and manufacturing a product is one thing but how do you market it? For Xtend® we handled all communication: from leaflets, packaging, labels and manuals to the POS material, …

Pars Pro Toto’s in-house product and brand designers developed the design and branding from A to Z.

The advantage for the customer?

  • Working with a one-stop shop saves both time and money.
  • It all fits. All communication carriers exude the same brand DNA.

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